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´╗┐Regent Festival has slickest crop in recent years

By Mal VincentHollywood, in fact, doesn think small enough, or adventurous enough, to make films like the 13 in this year showcase, set for Wednesday at the Virginia Beach campus Deca Durabolin For Dogs Main Theater.

The combined budgets for these movies wouldn pay for a coffee break on the set of Avengers, but the fledgling directors, actors and technicians are running on fumes generated by ambitious energy. Amazingly, the results look ultra professional on all technical levels.

The festival of less than two hours includes a Civil War drama, documentaries set in Senegal and Santa Domingo, an animated film about an underdog star (the skyward kind) who wants to be a shooting star and more.

We miss not spotting as many local sites and local actors as in past years, but the showcase has gone international. Growth happens.

the Cloth, written and directed by John Martin, is in familiar territory, with the Civil War conflict between Confederate and Union soldiers who find common ground that dissipates their differences. It, more than any of the other films, effectively uses dialogue to tell its story.

Breathtaking photography opens of My Silent World, an otherwise dark and emotionally true Dianabol Oral Steroid Side Effects story about Mohammed Mbaye, a boy in Senegal who is pushed away by his father to be enslaved by a Muslim leader who promises to give him religious education, but instead sends him to the streets to beg. A scene of rape is horrendous, but the film is beautifully directed by Jonatas de "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" Silva.

Less ambitious but refreshingly lacking in posturing is Calle Buena about poverty in Santa Domingo. Rachel Hooley has directed her young narrator to convey concerns without preaching.

The festival animated offerings are the nearest thing to some much needed humor. Achoo! stars Dev "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Dragon, who is cursed with his fire breath. He regrets setting fires wherever he goes, particularly "buy cheap jintropin online" destroying iPads.

The other animated star is the subject of He is a confused, bemused star in the sky who wants to be like the other shooting stars, but is having trouble. Both characters have "Oxandrolone Powder India" a humanity and expression that is the hallmark of Pixar films, where these films director, Justin Garcia, should readily find a job.

The other animated film, Best Gift, is technically impressive but unfocused in a journey of imagination that doesn find a destination.

Long Way Out, a World War II film about American soldiers eluding German patrols, was written and directed by Ryan Pace. It has impressive sound effects to simulate sniper fire. Its location shots, though, do not suggest Normandy.

Tips, a mixture of live action and animation, concerns a puppy named Kip who seeks to help his master recommend movies. It is a charming idea but lacks the necessary witty writing.

of Red, ostensibly about a boxer who seeks to treat his young daughter better than his wife and mistress, suggests too much while delivering nothing.

attempting to be profound, is overly simplistic in its claim that facing change requires commitment.

Ruth Friedman almost unspoken presence as a woman seeking forgiveness for an abortion is effective in a disturbing mood piece called Buy Cialis Norway Things New. Quicke, the film professor who is a longtime supporter of the showcase, can be proud of this year results. It is the slickest, most professional looking crop in recent years. Users must follow agreed upon rules: Be civil, be clean, be on topic; don't attack private individuals, other users or classes of people. Read the full rules here.

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